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Bring on tour, Part 1

Laura Helene/ March 14, 2006/ tour diary

So, what happens if you combine the evilest of evil black metal bands and musicians, and feed them LINDOR? They turn right into moldable cute, sweet jellyfishy babies with orgasmic smiles on their faces 🙂 Tour managers of the world; next to your oversizes maglite, laptop, printer and clicker, now you have a new item to put in your have-to-bring-on-tour

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Of corpsepaint and receipts

Laura Helene/ March 9, 2006/ tour diary

So, yours truly is out again on a European trip; this time with Dark Funeral, Naglfar, Endstille and Amoral. Not really my regular tour-recipe; almost more shows than days (38 shows in 41 days – and that’s only because one show got cancelled) and my work is a bit different than usual; now I do guitars (as usual) but also

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Tour’s over; go home and do laundry

Laura Helene/ February 13, 2006/ tour diary

So, another tour’s come to an end; time to go home and do laundry; prepare for the next one (I’ve got 14 days – seems like an eternity now). We’ve seen it all, sun, rain, snow, wind. good travelling, bad travelling…but most of all, good shows. The most memorable moments from this tour will probably be Obituary not making it

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Tetris 101

Laura Helene/ January 13, 2006/ tour diary

Sitting outside the venue in Frankfurt, waiting for our busdriver to be allowed to drive again. He had to get the bus fixed today, and because of European rules he has to take a 9 hour break; so at 4am he’ll be ready. Today’s keyword was tetris. Kenny told me – embarassed? – that he didn’t dare telling me he couldn’t

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Finnish ferries and calculations

Laura Helene/ January 4, 2006/ tour diary

Some say that playing on ferries is a musician’s grave… I’m not sure about that, it could be… Some of them seem like they’ve been around for many years, and should’ve maybe quit some time ago already… But in case it’s true, then Vinny might start worrying about his near future. He and Danny do the odd solo (or duo;

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