Laura Helene/ March 9, 2006/ tour diary

So, yours truly is out again on a European trip; this time with Dark Funeral, Naglfar, Endstille and Amoral. Not really my regular tour-recipe; almost more shows than days (38 shows in 41 days – and that’s only because one show got cancelled) and my work is a bit different than usual; now I do guitars (as usual) but also take care of the accounting. Carlo, the drum tech, and me split the tour manager tasks between us; and that usually means we eat our food standing up, tuning instruments, while doing business talks or getting receipts signed with the venue reps. and that is when there’s NO problems. 😉

 So far, with problems we’ve been relatively safe; compared to previous Dark Funeral tours, that is; they seem to be very successfully unlucky on tour. The biggest problems we faced so far on this tour were ‘our replacement busdriver ramming cars twice while parking the trailer – in just 3 days’; a serious lack of stage hands and (enough) proper food.

One day we had to split two loafs of bread; one bottle of mayonaise, one of ketchup, a pack of processed cheese slices and a bag of doritos among 27 people; the next day we got literally buried in bread (and that was just the after show sandwiches). and everybody knows how much I love eating bread on tour 🙂

The first few shows I had to watch myself, not cracking up laughing while seeing the band (s) prepare themselves with corpsepaint for the show. not that it’s necessarily so laughable, but when you’re not used to it (and I’m not); it’s a pretty strange sight. And I know that deep underneath the black and white paint there’s still a happy smiling face 😛

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