tour history




Beyond the Red Mirror tour Europe 2017 (Blind Guardian)
Ayreon Universe (Ayreon)
also: Grave Digger, Orphaned Land, Triptykon, Turisas


Back to the Roots tour 2016 (Dirkschneider, Anvil, Palace/Rampart)
Beyond the Red Mirror tour North America 2016 (Blind Guardian, Grave Digger)
Beyond the Red Mirror tour UK 2016 (Blind Guardian)
also: Abbath, Orphaned Land, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, Triptykon, Turisas, Tyr


Beyond the Red Mirror tour Australia/Japan 2015 (Blind Guardian)
Beyond the Red Mirror tour Europe 2015 (Blind Guardian, Orphaned Land)
Beyond the Red Mirror tour South & Latin America 2015 (Blind Guardian)
Beyond the Red Mirror tour USA 2015 (Blind Guardian, Grave Digger)
Paganfest 2015 (Wintersun, Turisas, Heidevolk, Obscurity, Frosttide)
also: Crucified Barbara, Doro, Kamelot, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, Triptykon


Scandinavian tour (Devin Townsend Project)
Decibel Magazine 2014 tour (Carcass)
Tearing down the Walls Europe (H.E.A.T.)
Live 2014 (Blind Guardian)
In the Red (Crucified Barbara)
War Eternal UK (Marty Friedman & Shining)
also: Caliban, Dimmu Borgir, Doro, Grave Digger, Marty Friedman, Orphaned Land, Satyricon, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, Triptykon


Guards of Glory USA (Turisas, Firewind)
Guards of Glory Latin America (Turisas)
South American tour (Carcass)
Collonial Irrigation (Carcass)
Deceiver of the Gods (Carcass, Hell)
also: Blind Guardian, Ensiferum, Iced Earth, Lordi, Satyricon, Tivoli Utrecht, Triptykon


Soundwave Festival (Turisas)
Defenders of the Faith (Cannibal Corpse, Triptykon)
Memories of a Tour to Come Latin America 2012 (Blind Guardian)
Metalfest 2012 (Blind Guardian)
Memories of a Tour to Come Europe 2012 (Blind Guardian)
Defibrillatour Europe 2012 (Ministry)
Plague of Nations Europe 2012 (Grave, Sonne Adam)
Head Down Europe 2012 (Rival Sons)
also: Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, Tivoli Utrecht


Finnish Metal tour 2 USA (Finntroll, Ensiferum)
Stand up and Fight UK (Turisas, Kiuas)
Moral & Wahnsinn (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Turisas, Akrea)
Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Europe 2011 (Blind Guardian)
Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Latin America 2011 (Blind Guardian)
Heidenfest (Turisas)
Stand up and Fight Europe (Turisas)
Hatefest (Triptykon)
also: Cathedral, Destruction, Dr. Midnight & the Mercy Cult, Immortal, Tivoli Utrecht


Forever is the World Europe (Theatre of Tragedy, Where Angels Fall)
Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt (Gorgoroth, Keep of Kalessin, Gravdal)
30 Years on Stage Europe (The Hooters)
To Oz and Beyond (Turisas)
Extreme the Dojo Japan (Triptykon)
Forever is the World Latin America (Theatre of Tragedy)
30 Years on Stage Europe (The Hooters)
Forever is the World Norway (Theatre of Tragedy)
European tour (Cathedral, The Gates Of Slumber)
also: 013 Tilburg, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Carcass, Immortal, Moonspell, Royal Republic, Tivoli Utrecht


Ultra Beatdown Europe (Turisas)
Soundwave Festival (Lacuna Coil)
Exhumed to Consume USA II (Carcass, Samael)
Filthfest (Turisas)
Spanish tour (Doro)
Eagles of Death Metal European tour (Sweethead)
Twilight of the Thunder God Europe (Amon Amarth)
Twilight of the Thunder God Oceania/Asia (Amon Amarth)
Them Crooked Vultures UK (Sweethead)
also: 013 Tilburg, Arch Enemy, Brujeria, Exodus, Mika, Moonspell, Samael, Tivoli Utrecht, Týr


British Fiction 2008 (Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gatherum)
The Varangian Way Europe (Turisas, Norther)
Heidenfest USA (Ensiferum, Turisas, Týr, Eluveitie)
Exhumed to Consume USA (Carcass)
Exhumed to Consume Down Under (Carcass)
Exhumed to Consume Japan (Carcass)
No Fear Europe (Lacuna Coil)
also: 013 Tilburg, Anathema, Arch Enemy, Orphaned Land, Tivoli Utrecht


Loudspeaker Europe (Marty Friedman)
European tour (Stream of Passion)
Swedish tour (Amon Amarth, Týr)
Fear of a Blank Planet UK (Porcupine Tree)
The Crusade Europe (Trivium)
Fear of a Blank Planet USA (Porcupine Tree)
Fear of a Blank Planet Europe (Porcupine Tree)
Live Reckoning tour part 1 (Threshold, Communic)
The Varangian Way UK (Turisas, Abgott)
Fear of a Blank Planet USA (Porcupine Tree)
Fear of a Blank Planet Europe (Porcupine Tree)
also: 013 Tilburg, Anathema, Finntroll, Krezip, Lacuna Coil, Nevermore, Samael, Testament, Theatre of Tragedy


Frozen in Time Europe (Obituary, Samael)
Attera Totus Terrarum Europe (Dark Funeral, Naglfar, Endstille, Asmodeus)
Dark Light UK (Anathema)
UK Tour (Brothermandude)
Turkish tour (Anathema)
Arriving Somewhere Europe (Porcupine Tree)
Arriving Somewhere USA (Porcupine Tree)
European tour (Amon Amarth)
Arriving Somewhere Japan (Porcupine Tree)
Finnish tour (Anathema)
also: 013 Tilburg, After Forever, Brainstorm, Dagoba, Epica, Graspop Metal Meeting, Krezip, In Flames, Leaves’ Eyes, Summerbreeze Festival, Theatre of Tragedy


The Silent Force Europe (Within Temptation)
Deadwing Europe (Anathema)
European tour (Amon Amarth, Dagoba)
Deadwing Europe (Porcupine Tree)
Deadwing USA (Porcupine Tree)
Turkish tour (Anathema)
also: 013 Tilburg, After Forever, Atrocity, Sarah Bettens, Destruction, Finntroll, Gorefest, Leaves’ Eyes, Metal Curch, Obituary, Powerwolf, Samael, Summerbreeze Festival, Tristania


Tempo of the Damned USA (Exodus)
European tour (Anathema)
Turkish tour (Anathema)
Reign of Light Europe (Samael, Flowing Tears)
Wahrheit oder Pflicht (Samael, After Forever)
also: 013 Tilburg, Autumn, Epica, The Gathering, Morbid Angel, Nevermore, Orphanage, Summerbreeze Festival, Tristania, Water Lily, Within Temptation


Redemption 2k3 Europe (Samael, Cathedral)
Souvenirs tour Europe (The Gathering)
Souvenirs tour Poland/UK (The Gathering)
Redemption 2k3 USA (Samael, Cathedral)
Bonded by Metal over Europe (Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Agent Steel, Grave, God Dethroned, Mortician, Occult, Callenish Circle, Prospect)
also: 013 Tilburg, After Forever, Anathema, Autumn, Beef, Dodgy Scene, Flowing Tears, Metal Bash XL 2003, Officium Triste, Paradise Lost, Red Aim, Trail of Tears, Within Temptation


013 Tilburg, Autumn, Beef, Dodgy Scene, Flowing Tears, Lacuna Coil, Red Aim


The Gathering, Morgana’s Kiss


Morgana’s Kiss


Dynamo Open Air festival, The Gathering


A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise, Celestial Season, The Gathering


The Gathering


Celestial Season, The Gathering