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You’re good people Laura, which seems to be a rarity in this business!
Rest assured, if I EVER hear of anything that requires bringing someone in, you are ALWAYS on my list… I’d think you’d be CONSTANTLY booked, Laura… you have a pretty golden reputation and are definitely totally easy to work with, I don’t get it…  but I’m sure your “just desserts” are on their way… the karmic waiter must’ve fallen on his way out of the kitchen.” – Wille A. Gee (guitar technician – Megadeth, Lamb Of God)

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Ayreon (a.k.a. Stream of Passion & Ayreon universe)

2007, 2017-present

keyboard & classical ensemble technician (live dates)

After a 10-year hiatus due to not performing live, I’m working with Arjen Lucassen and his projects again; for Stream of Passion (as backline technician) in the past, currently Ayreon (as keyboard & classical ensemble technician).


Blind Guardian


guitar & keyboard technician & stage manager (live dates)

Working with the band since early 2011 as guitar & keyboard technician, also filling stage manager duties until 2014.


Cradle of Filth


guitar & keyboard technician (live dates)

Started working for this band summer 2019.


non-current clients


2018 Backliner of the Year Women In Live Music

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What others say

I think she’s the best guitar tech i’ve had in my 30-year career. You don’t have to tell Laura anything. She knows what needs doing, and she’ll ask you if she doesn’t know. She’s always paying attention during the show, and that gives me a calm, reassured feeling.

– Arjen Lucassen (Stream Of Passion) *

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