Tetris 101

Tetris 101

Sitting outside the venue in Frankfurt, waiting for our busdriver to be allowed to drive again. He had to get the bus fixed today, and because of European rules he has to take a 9 hour break; so at 4am he’ll be ready. Today’s keyword was tetris.

Kenny told me – embarassed? – that he didn’t dare telling me he couldn’t get his pedals in his pedalcase these last days, like I do… so what? We have like 50 other cases those  extra pedals fit into 😉
I just HAD to get them all into one case when flying to and from Dublin a few days ago.

Because of work permit trouble for Obituary and the American half of the crew (resulting in them getting sent back to Holland), I ended up doing a lot of work on my own, and we had to fly from London to Dublin there was 7 people missing all of a sudden to distribute gear over… Hence my tetris games.

And apart from that; since day one I am self-appointed tetris-meister of the trailer. Kenny, Richy and David pack down Obituary’s gear while I start packing the trailer with the stagehands.. We have a huge trailer, but we have even more gear to fit in it; and one of those hidden jobs when on the road is tetris-ing while loading the truck/trailer/whatever – but as crazy trying to fit an entire backline in one and a half bay underneath a bus it hasn’t come anymore (it was that bad, I actually had to take photos of the pack to remember the first few days how to pack it could only fit one way and in one order).

So far, the tour’s going great; full house every show and great vibe on stage; and one of these days I’ll manage to get a decent sound/melody/beat out of the equipment.

Ok, we’re almost about to depart; so come back again soon; same hox time, same hox-channel.